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The WELL @ Catalyst is a hub for adults with developmental delay eager to grow in their relationship with Christ and their literacy skills which include gestures / signs, talking, AAC, spelling, writing, reading, and/or typing.

The WELL was birthed out of a desire to provide a place for adults with developmental delay who are not high functioning, need a lot of support for daily living, and are still learning foundational academic, functional, and self-help skills.  We understand the challenge of finding an environment where your loved one feels welcomed, accepted, and appreciated AND will continue to learn academic skills after high school.

You might ask, for example, “Why would learning the ABCs so late in the game help my loved ones?” Learning the ABCs helps develop working memory.  So, the next time they go grocery shopping with you and you give them a list of 3 items, working memory will help them remember the list.

We believe learning occurs from the cradle to the grave and that every opportunity is an opportunity to learn. This is why your loved ones attending the WELL are called ‘learners’.
What does a day at the WELL include, for example? Individualized instruction (1:1) we like to call FLOW (psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). When a learner is experiencing FLOW, the activity with which he/she is focused on and engaged becomes prolonged enjoyment. With the help you provide on the enrollment packet, we will facilitate a FLOW tailored to their preferences, interests, abilities, current performance level, and goals.  We want to provide an optimal learning path and appropriate supports so that your loved one is engaged and happy, essentials for learning.

Everyone deserves to experience joy, have a voice, and productively contribute to society. For the team at the WELL, a relationship with Christ and growing in literacy skills facilitate these rights.

Consider allowing us to journey with your loved one in this process.

Embark on this uplifting

Who We Are...


To disciple individuals to be Christ followers who strive to live and not just exist, reach their highest potential, and productively live in and contribute to society.


To scaffold the learning of foundational biblical, academic, functional, socioemotional, and vocational skills.


To tap into our learners' most optimal learning path taking into consideration their current performance level, developmental stage, skills and abilities, learning style, and personal preference/interests.


To recognize and esteem each learner along with his/her path and progression which differs from that which is common.

Our Model...

  • Appreciative and Respectful of Differences
  • Learner-centered Sessions
  • Evidence-based Strategies and Practices
  • Multi-Sensory Learning
  • Skills Progression Model
  • Holistic: Biblical, Academic, Socioemotional, and Functional
  • Consultative & Collaborative Support

because learning should be fun

Range of Activities:

  • Worship & Bible Study
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Social Pragmatics
  • Electives
  • Life Skills
  • Vocation-related Activities
  • Community Outings

Virginia Nolivos

M.Div, Ed.M., Ed.D. candidate
Virginia is an educator, researcher, and advocate for individuals with atypical development. She earned a Master of Education, a Master of Divinity and studied two years as a doctoral student in education.

She is currently earning a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration. She has spent 18+ years of her adult life studying typical and atypical human development.  She is also a mother of a person with a dual diagnosis of Down’s syndrome and autism.
With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. 
Isaiah 12:3
Hours of Operation:
10:00 am - 2:00 pm Tuesdays only
Year Round (observing holidays and other days)

Address: 8911 New World Dr San Antonio, Texas 78239
Phone Number: 918.409.2364
Email: thewell@catalystchurchsa.org

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